Monitor your trades
with electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM)

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a trade surveillance tool that worked ‘out of the box’ without a time-consuming and expensive implementation project?

Our electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) service is unique in its ability to deliver exactly that: analysing your organisation’s trading activity against the Equias Premium Data Set.

Full audited workflow and reporting

The transactions you reported through eRR – supplemented, if necessary, with other transactions collected directly from connected venues – are monitored against a range of trading abuse patterns and thresholds, triggering alerts to be followed up, in the process.

Our eTM automates this entire process, with straightforward, fully audited workflow and reporting - giving you total peace of mind.

Let eTM take the strain

Today, around 75 trading entities use eTM from Equias. In each case, the service brings together their trades and orders with market data from the Equias Premium Market Dataset; and then analyses it for patterns of abusive trading behaviour.
So how does it work?
You set your thresholds...

You set your thresholds for the identified abuse patterns (spoofing, layering, off-market pricing, etc). 

Collects, configures and evaluates your data every day

Our eTM service collects and configures your data every day and then evaluates every trade you made that day against your threshold criteria and the relevant market data from EquiasPremium Market Dataset 

Automatic alerts outlining the details

Should our eTM identify a potential problem, you will receive an automatic alert outlining the details so that you can resolve it immediately with the help of colleagues using task-based workflows to allocate, add commentary and close alerts; or take them further.   

That’s it. Unless you receive an alert, you can rest assured that all you market activity has been analysed while eTM continues to quietly and efficiently monitor all your trades.

Why choose Equias for eTM?

There are various trade monitoring tools and services available today. However, eTM from Equias is unique in several ways.

This service is ‘data ready’

Market data is already available from the Equias Premium Market Dataset and your trades and orders are already available because they were reported through eRR; or are available for collection from venues of execution already connected to the service.

Custom-built service

This service was custom-built by the European energy market for that market. The vast quantity and quality of data within our eTM is tailored to the unique nuances of the European energy market. For example, eTM monitors Forwards, Futures and Spot – with dedicated tools to cater for the differing nature of spot contracts and spot market volatility.

Confidence and peace of mind.

Ultimately, you cannot put a price on peace of mind. However, eTM gives you this confidence at an extremely competitive price-point compared to many other trade surveillance tools on the marketplace. Want to know more? Contact us

Already using eRR from Equias?

Are you already using our eRR service? If so, adding eTM is an obvious – and effortless – next step. We simply take all the data collected as part of your reporting regime and use it to monitor your trades too. It’s all part of making a virtue (trade monitoring) out of a necessity (regulatory compliance).

Implementing eTM is easier than you might think. Ready to start automating your trading process?
Equias is here and ready to support you.