Confirm your trades
with electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM)

It all starts with trade confirmation matching. Our market-leading eCM service is the gold standard: bringing peace of mind to hundreds of companies trading on the OTC energy market.

Report your trades
with electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR)

Achieving regulatory compliance in a decentralised OTC energy market is no easy task. Which is why the market uses our eRR service for reliable trade reporting to all relevant European regimes and regulators.

Settle your trades
with electronic Settlement Matching (eSM)

Our eSM service is an automated settlement process based on an identical set of document formats, contents and rules that leave no room for error - and with the potential for you to achieve same-day settlement.

Monitor your trades
with electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM)

This long-established Equias service enables you to fulfil your regulatory obligations by analysing your trades and then flagging all suspicious trading activity and patterns; so that you don’t have to.

Evaluate your next trade
with electronic Market Insights (eMI)

This service arms you with an in-depth perspective on market trends and activity: all drawn from our user based, cleaned, anonymised – and ready for you to make next trade fuelled by informed, data-based decisions.

Get the full package
with electronic Back Office (eBO)

If you want to report, confirm and settle your trades via one simple connection, look no further than eBO. Simply connect to our eCM, eRR & eSM services via your ETRM software.

Ready to start automating your trading process?
Equias is here and ready to support you.