About us.

Equias has been supporting the European energy trading market for 20 years now. We began life as EFETnet – an organisation created with European energy traders to implement the common electronic data exchange standards for energy trading established by EFET.


A 20-plus year heritage.

Since our origins as EFETNet, we’ve seen (and, with the rest of the industry) survived a market crisis or two, working closely with its many participants to ensure not only that more traders can trade more; but that they can achieve this more confidently, securely – and efficiently.

1,500 clients

and counting...

Today, we work with 1,500 clients and counting. In fact, if you’re using automated OTC back office services like trade confirmation or reporting... they almost certainly bear our name (we became Equias in 2018). Perhaps even more importantly, this is supported by decades of experience working in your market, and dedicated to addressing the specific challenges that you face.

Meet the team


Hugh Brunswick
Hugh Brunswick

Hugh has been the CEO of Equias since 2003.

Through his work with Equias, Hugh has led the implementation of EFET standards and the steady growth of the user community, focusing on automating operational and regulatory reporting processes.

Hugh is a graduate of the University of Manchester and holds an (Hons) BSc in Physics and an MSc in Computer Science.

Liam Dunne
Liam Dunne

Liam is Equias’ COO. In his fourteen years with Equias, Liam has led the company’s move from locally installed peer-to-peer solutions to centrally managed solutions, resulting in innovative service offerings and a sevenfold growth in customers.

Prior to joining Equias, Liam spent two decades as a consultant in the IT industry and with the energy, finance, leisure, and healthcare sectors.

Rob Palmer
Rob Palmer
Business Development Manager

Rob is Equias’s Business Development Manager, responsible for both Equias service development in response to customer and market needs, and growing Equias’s network of connected trading participants. Rob has 24 years commodities trading experience gained by working for Brokers, Clearing Banks and an Exchange, spanning front, middle and back-office roles.

Louise Smith
Louise Smith
Senior Business Analyst

Louise is Equias’s Senior Business Analyst and Product Owner. Starting her career with Equias in 2017 as a Support Analyst, Louise was promoted to Service Team Leader, in which she developed Equias’s customer service and retention strategies, to Business Analyst and eTM Product Owner in 2022, and then into her current role in 2023.

Nikki Maddox
Nikki Maddox
Operations Manager

Nikki has been Equias’ Operations Manager since 2014 and is responsible for the Equias Head Office and Service Team’s day-to-day business. In this, Nikki has worked closely with Equias clients on the rollouts of REMIT, ACER fees, and guidance on post-Brexit requirements.

Ruby Schein
Ruby Schein
Head of Marketing

Ruby has been Equias’s Head of Marketing since 2022, joining Equias after working in media law and commercial real estate. Ruby has an MBA from ESCP Business School and a BA from Rutgers University.

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