Report your transactions
with electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR)

We know that complying with your reporting obligations in an increasingly tightly regulated European energy market, containing multiple regimes and regulators, is a complicated, time-consuming - but essential task.

Which is why our eRR service was custom-built in consultation with the industry to address this challenge by giving you a single, centralised tool for reporting all your transaction data.

Simple and fully compliant

Whilst our eCM service gives you peace of mind through a single reconciled view of trades with your counterparties, eRR gives you that same single reconciled view of all your transactions reported to your regulator – whoever and wherever they are.

Furthermore, because our eCM service generates Harmonised UTIs automatically, using the two services together helps meet your mandatory reporting obligations in a simple and fully compliant way.

A joined-up approach to transaction reporting

For more than a decade, our eRR service has been reporting trades for more than 90% of the brokered European energy market – as well as the cleared market too (in co-operation with exchanges). Our eRR service gives you:
A single, centralised mechanism

eRR provides a single, centralised mechanism for reporting your trades and orders in the bilateral and cleared European energy market.

Automatic access to all major European regulatory regimes

Automatic access to all major European regulatory regimes: including REMIT, ElCom, EMIR and UKMIR. 

Total compliance with all formats and standards

Total compliance with all formats and standards needed to report on transactions including CpML, ACER XML and ISO 20022. 

A single, reconciled view of the transactions you have reported

A single, reconciled view of the transactions you have reported - or which have been reported on your behalf. Within our eRR environment you see exactly what data the regulators hold concerning your transactions with no room for doubt or error. 

Control third parties reporting on your behalf

Even if you outsource your reporting to third parties, the compliance obligation remains with you. With eRR, you receive an automatic alert if an OMP mistakenly fails to report a trade; or if a trade is reported incorrectly.   

The ability to reconcile disputed trades

Every night, eRR reconciles all reports made by you or about you by an agent or counterparty - identifying missing trade reports and any reported discrepancies that need to be corrected. 

Why choose Equias for eRR?

Ultimately, the success of any eRR solution depends on two things: the quality and quantity of data underpinning the service; and the technical infrastructure that delivers it.

At Equias we are unique in the sheer volume and diversity of market data we hold; our ability to automatically interpret that data in the correct format for each induvial individual regulators; and our ability to deliver this information to them quickly and reliably is second to none.

It’s why today Equias is the largest independent regulatory reporting service provider in the European energy market.

Why not automate your trade monitoring too?

Equias offers you the only data-ready energy market-specific surveillance service. We take the same dataset used to automatically report your trades and then enrich it with data from other markets (eg, oil, emissions) to create the Equias Premium Data Set. We then use this intelligence to monitor your trades and orders too with our electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) service. Afterall, why reinvent the wheel?

Maintaining standards

The eRR service was the second step in the EFET’s 20-year mission to bring rigour to how the bilateral European energy market operates. Here at Equias we have worked to support the trading community in implementing these changes every step of the way: first with electronic Confirmation Matching; and next with eRR. You’re in safe hands with Equias.

Implementing eRR is easier than you might think. Ready to start automating your trading process?
Equias is here and ready to support you.