Confirm your trades
with electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM)

Confident trading starts here. Literally. The fundamental starting point for any trader in any market is 100% agreement with your counterparties on the details of each trade. It’s especially important in an OTC market where your organisation is often making multiple trades with multiple counterparties every day.
Our automated electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) service does all the hard work for you by reconciling that immediate shared view: recorded and verified by a trusted, impartial third party. It’s why 50% of OTC gas and electricity traders (400 trading entities) now use our eCM service to help lock in their positions trade-by-trade – and reconcile subsequent lifecycle events with their counterparties.

Making manual confirmation history

At low volumes, manual confirmation of trades can work…until it doesn’t. As volumes grow, it quickly become impossible. It’s estimated that market-wide error for manual mismatches is around 5%. Now you can avoid any risk of financial loss and reputational damage through:
Immediate identification of any mismatches

with all your key trading counterparties and brokers: eCM does all the heavy lifting for you.

Instant intelligence on any mismatches

Instant intelligence on where and why any mismatches have occurred, based on 20-plus different criteria (buy, sell, counterparty, price, volume, trade date, delivery schedule).

Indisputable proof of the mutually agreed trade

supported by data you trust, electronically signed and encrypted, implemented according to industry standards – and with financially underwritten results.

Compliant UTI generation for your bilateral trades

our eCM service automatically generates and distributes a Harmonised UTI for all trades that do not already have one - to both counterparties.

Scalability – and the ability to confidently enter new markets

knowing that your position is covered.

Ultimately, peace of mind

that your new trades and subsequent lifecycle events are confirmed and reconciled with your brokers and counterparties – and that your daily positions are accurate and secure.

Start every day on the front foot

With eCM, you can start every trading day on the front foot – by being proactive, instead of reactive. Instead of spending time manually checking transactions, your back office team can use that time more productively to support your front office.

As an example, because eCM gives you a daily reconciled state for your trades, this in turn empowers your back office team to report reconciled net positions to your trading desk – giving them the insight and information they need to trade more confidently and effectively.

Ultimately, eCM can unlock new value for the back office – and your entire organisation. But don’t just take our word for it...

As we continue to increase both our volume of trades and our number of counterparties, eCM becomes even more invaluable through its ability to automatically identify and reconcile discepancies for our team immediately – saving them huge amounts of time and providing greater peace of mind.”

Tomasz Tosik

Lead Product Owner, Ørsted

Automating our confirmaton process has saved us valuable time and enabled our organisation to trade more efficiently and with greater confidence.”

Antonio Sevilla

Head of Back Office at Endesa

How much could you save through electronic trade confirmation?

Are you still confirming your trades manually? On average it takes approximately 10 minutes to manually confirm every trade you make*.

Choose an organisation size to see the possible savings

€2.5m monthly

€700,000 monthly

€60,000 monthly

* based on Equias research

Get the full package with electronic Back Office (eBO)

If you want to confirm, report and settle your trades via one simple electronic connection, look no further than eBO. It combines our eCM, eRR and eSM services via your ETRM software for a convenient one-stop-shop.

Implementing eCM is easier than you might think. Ready to start automating your trading process?
Equias is here and ready to support you.

Maintaining standards

The eSM service is the third and final step in the EFET’s 20-year mission to bring OTC energy trading into the 21st century. Here at Equias, we have worked to support the OTC trading community in implementing these changes every step of the way: first through automated trade reporting, then through confirmation – and now, through settlement. You’re in safe hands with Equias.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

A growing number of bilateral trading companies are now plugging into the benefits of eSM. If you’re interested in joining them - and reaping the benefits of automated trade settlement - we’d be delighted to explain more.
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