Equias products


At Equias we offer products in four business areas, which together ensure that energy trading is equally accessible to all:



Improving customer retention is at odds with the complexities and costs of trading in wholesale energy markets. Making the move to hosted services sharply reduces these challenges and has the additional advantage of simplifying the digital marketing of energy products. With Europe’s energy market experiencing increased competition between new and incumbent investors, Equias’ bundled trading services give new entrants hosted, comprehensive, low-cost energy trading.

Core products

  • eBO - electronic Back Office

    To continue to improve connectivity and trade automation and simplify reconciliation and compliance processes for all market participants, we have bundled our eCM, eRR, and eSM services into a single integrated electronic Back Office (eBO) platform.

  • eTP - electronic Trade Portal

    The Equias electronic Trade Portal (eTP) helps transform your sales business, enabling it to operate successfully in a digital environment.

  • eTS - electronic Trade Services

    Digitalization has transformed the energy sector. Our electronic Trade Service (eTS) provides you with easy access to this sector and its markets while delivering exceptional value.



At Equias we deliver a one-stop shop for your regulatory reporting needs, collecting and reporting every order, trade and lifecycle event that is eligible under REMIT, EMIR, MiFID II and ElCom regulations.

Core products

  • eRR - electronic Regulatory Reporting

    Equias' electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) platform simplifies your regulatory processes and helps you comply quickly.  eRR connects over 1,500 trading companies and venues and is the point of convergence for order and trade lifecycles.

  • eRR/SMT - electronic Regulatory Reporting for SMT

    A small and medium-sized trader (SMT) is a market participant who is not directly active in the wholesale trading market but may be a consumer or producer of significant amounts of energy and thus requires a relationship with one or more wholesale energy trader(s).

  • eTM - electronic Trade Monitoring

    To help our clients mitigate risk under REMIT and ensure MAR compliance, we developed and built the electronic trade monitoring (eTM) service, a collaboration with the industry which applies the key trading abuse patterns to the energy markets. Since its launch, eTM has become the most widely used trade monitoring service in the European energy market with an active community that drives development in areas including insider trading, spot market monitoring and self-calibration.



At Equias we deliver the industry-standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) service developed by EFET to mitigate operational risk in the European over-the-counter (OTC) energy market. During 2019 our implementation of EFET’s electronic Settlement Matching standard has been added as a companion product to eCM.

Settlement matching automates settlement documentation, including manual reconciliation of invoices and statements. This opens up the possibility to reduce the settlement cycle in the future, with clear benefits for companies’ use of cash.

Core products

  • eCM - electronic Confirmation Matching

    Connecting to eCM is a key priority for any trading or brokerage firm wishing to enter the European energy market.

    eCM uses our award-winning CMS infrastructure, which provides automated confirmation matching for Europe’s OTC internal energy market. It is currently used by over 150 trading and brokerage companies across the European wholesale energy market.

  • eCM lite - electronic Confirmation Matching lite

    eCM lite provides easy access to the whole eCM community for companies that transact fewer than 250 trades a month.

  • eSM - electronic Settlement Matching

    eSM allows you to remove discrepancies and errors from settlement data, enabling automated payments to drive shorter (even daily) settlement cycles. eSM delivers the prospect of a fundamental change to the way the European OTC energy market currently operates. eSM version 2.0 is the only EFET compliant solution, ready for use, tested by over 20 early movers.



More information means more control. Improve your decision-making, deepen your understanding, and achieve greater insight into the European energy market using our eMI platform.

Core products

  • eMI - energy Market Information

    eMI is a cloud-based tool, which pools data from our existing applications and makes it available to companies for integration and analysis. Equias eRR users can relate their own data to anonymised market data to understand how their activity compares to that of the wider market.

  • Spot - Market Data Analysis in Trade Monitoring

    Spot markets generate significantly more data compared to forward/future markets, but more concerningly the data generated does not always seem to fit the abuse pattern analysis that has been developed and which works well for forward/future markets. An initial investigation of the underlying issues related to spot market data and automated trade monitoring is presented in a White Paper.