Monitor your trading activity with confidence

The cost and complexity of participating in wholesale energy markets and servicing end-customers is currently too high. Moving to hosted services dramatically reduces both complexity and costs for our clients. It also facilitates the digital marketing of energy products. At a time when the energy transition in Europe is attracting many smaller participants, our packaged trading services meets the need for hosted low-cost comprehensive energy trading and digital marketing solutions.

eBO - electronic Back Office


  • For eBO enabled ETRM vendors there is no additional technical development required.
  • Web based service calls – cloud enabled.
  • No local IT to install or maintain.
  • ‘Always-on' allows clients to access all or some of the services with no additional development when they choose. 


eBO will improve trade automation, reduce costs and simplify technical connectivity to Equias reconciliation and compliance services.

eTP - electronic Trade Portal


Functionalities include on-screen trading of standard and custom products, price management and distribution (including spread management and tiered pricing), commingled order management across wholesale and energy sales market segments, and credit limit management with real-time alerting.


As an energy supply company, you can:

  • Retain loyal customers.
  • Win new clients.
  • Manage growing trade volumes & churn.
  • Make customer-centric sales.
  • Manage and optimise credit.
  • Increase margin/market share.
  • Free up sales time to concentrate on high-margin business in the relationship (tailored contracts).

For energy clients you can provide:

  • Greater visibility of offers across a hedging horizon.
  • An ability to sell back flexibility.
  • Opportunities for self-service procurement and optimisation.  
  • Improved credit and pricing. 
  • An increased hedge efficiency ratio. 

eTS - electronic Trade Services


eTS is a cloud-hosted energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system that is fully integrated with our industry-standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) service and proprietary electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) service. eTS provides clients with the front to back-office functionality they need to manage their consumption and production hedging while optimising the digital sales environment. This is done easily and conveniently, and it represents exceptional value.


We offer energy supply companies and energy clients:

  • A simple, standard fee structure, which delivers exceptional value for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Integration with electronic sales channels (single-click trading).
  • Cloud-hosted services – there’s no need to buy, install or manage IT.
  • Functionality that’s tailored to meet the needs of their business.
  • A service that can easily be scaled up or down.
  • Automated electronic trade confirmation with suppliers.
  • Reduced trade breaks and operational overheads.

Customers can gain significant benefits in term of improved choice and visibility of purchasing options as well as the improved opportunity to sell back their own production.