At Equias we deliver the industry-standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) service developed by EFET to mitigate operational risk in the European over-the-counter (OTC) energy market. During 2019 our implementation of EFET’s electronic Settlement Matching standard has been added as a companion product to eCM. Settlement matching automates settlement documentation, including manual reconciliation of invoices and statements. This opens up the possibility to reduce the settlement cycle in future, with clear benefits for companies’ use of cash.

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- electronic Confirmation Matching


eCM provides immediate on-line back-office reconciliation to most wholesale energy market participants and organised marketplaces where European energy is traded.

Who is it for:
  • Wholesale trading back offices.
  • OTC trading venues (e.g. OTFs and other platforms that arrange OTC trades electronically).
  • Companies wishing to automate confirmation of intra-company transactions.

For the wholesale trading back office:

  • Mitigate your operational risks by accurately and speedily reconciling each trade with your counterparty and/or broker.
  • Join an on-line confirmation matching community with over 150 trading organisations and brokers.
  • Avoid human error in confirmation.
  • Ensure that confirmation scales seamlessly with your transaction volumes.
  • As a large-volume user, you benefit from a monthly fee cap; as a small-volume user, you benefit from free access to up to 250 confirmations per month, using our manual eCM lite service.

For OTC trading venues:

  • Provide your back office with the reconciliation required by your clients.
  • Benefit from a capped fee scheme that scales up with volume as your business grows.
  • Confirm brokerage fees on a per-trade basis, thus speeding up invoice settlement.

eCM lite
– electronic Confirmation Matching lite


eCM lite is a manual, on-line tool for trading companies with lower transaction volumes. It can be used immediately since eCM lite users avoid the need to implement the IT integration required for the fully automated eCM service. Using eCM lite means you can immediately confirm with all other users of both eCM lite and fully automated eCM service.

Who is it for:
  • Back offices.
  • New entrants in the energy-trading market.
  • Energy-trading companies transacting fewer than 250 trades a month.
  • This is a manual, on-line tool for trading companies with lower transaction volumes (< 250 matches per month).
  • eCM lite is free of charge for up to 250 matches per calendar month.
  • No IT integration is required (this is required for the fully automated eCM service); you can just sign up and get started.
  • Immediately confirm with all other users of both eCM lite and the fully automated eCM service.
  • Easily upgrade to full eCM as your transaction volumes grow.

- electronic Settlement Matching


eSM allows to remove discrepancies and errors from settlement data, enabling automated payments to drive shorter (even daily) settlement cycles.

  • Energy trading companies, specifically the settlements team

Productivity benefits: 

  • Automate discrepancy identification, leading to faster issue resolution. 
  • Removal of data errors making invoice disputes and credit notes obsolete.
  • Automated calculation of netting statement, making manual steps redundant.

Business benefits: 

  • Standardise settlement processes by adopting industry best practice
  • Reduce payment delays and incorporate automated netting
  • Shorten the OTC settlement cycle, thus reducing credit risk and freeing up cash

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