Monitor your trading activity with confidence

Compliance means every order, trade, and lifecycle event is reported in accordance with REMIT, EMIR, MiFID II, and ElCom regulations

eRR - electronic Regulatory Reporting


Joining eRR establishes immediate access to the industry’s main regulatory reporting channel for REMIT, ElCom and EMIR.


For wholesale trading back office & compliance officers:

  • Centralised real-time monitoring and control of your reported data for all European regulatory regimes: REMIT, ElCom and EMIR.
  • Access to and control of reporting made on your behalf by venues and counterparties.
  • Full support for delegated reporting for third parties, including on-line access for counterparties, clients and energy customers to dashboards, thus enabling easy fulfilment of third-party reporting disclosure requirements.

For Organised Market Places:

  • ‘Plug-and-play’ access to the industry’s standard reporting infrastructure, ensuring that clients’ reporting obligations can easily be met.
  • Connection to your clients’ preferred reporting service.
  • Free of charge.

eRR/SMT - electronic Regulatory Reporting for SMT


SMT services are designed to ensure that SMT companies can comply with regulations and meet their responsibilities (in terms of the exhaustiveness and correctness of the data submitted when reporting) on the one hand to facilitate an easier, faster and less labour-intensive process for the reporting company on the other.


For SMTs: 

  • Receive free access to the reporting service used by major energy suppliers that report on your behalf.
  • Use your own on-line account, you can monitor what is being reported in your name and see the responses from the regulator.
  • View a clear summary of your reported trades, per reporter and per jurisdiction.
  • Monitor on-line and/or easily download reported data.
  • Gain full access to the underlying details of reported trades as well as the status of all reports submitted.

For companies reporting on behalf of SMTs:

  • Achieve more from your use of eRR at no additional cost and with no extra effort.
  • You automatically meet your obligation to inform clients of what has been reported to regulators in their name.
  • Provide your clients with on-line access so that they can see and monitor reports you have made on their behalf using eRR.
  • A standardised activity report is made available with full drill-down flexibility.

eTM - electronic Trade Monitoring


Designed so that you can focus on your business, not the technicalities of software implementation and maintenance. Delivered as a ready-to-use cloud service, eTM provides you with everything you need to know about orders and trades, whether done on exchange, with a broker, or bilaterally. Instead of trying to make sense of the flood of data from multiple sources, opt for the simplicity of Equias' complete, integrated dataset. 


For wholesale trading compliance officers:

  • This service is ‘data ready’ – you can test trial the service and use it immediately to analyse your data.
  • Access top-ranked abuse patterns prioritised by and developed with the eTM community.
  • Gain and share knowledge as part of the largest EU energy trade monitoring community.
  • Stay up to date on industry best practice by participating in the eTM community.
  • Automatically add new markets to the analysis simply by starting to trade in them.