eBO - electronic Back Office

electronic Back Office (eBO) service packages three Equias services, eCM, eRR and eSM, into one. It will improve trade automation, reduce costs and simplify technical connectivity to Equias reconciliation and compliance services.

Who is it for?

  • For energy trading companies using ETRM software and wanting to connect to any or all of the Equias services eRR, eCM and eSM from their ETRM application.

Equias partners:


Igloo is an energy trading and risk management platform engineered to meet the needs of traders operating in today’s European markets. Igloo Trading Solutions, the developer of Igloo, is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and solutions for traders in these markets. With substantial experience in trading and technology at some of Europe’s largest energy trading organisations, the team behind Igloo have developed the platform with the conviction that ETRM can be done simpler, better and more cost effectively.

Soptim AG

For over 45 years, SOPTIM AG has been providing IT solutions and services for all market roles in the energy industry. With a focus on “digitalization”, we develop solutions for the future together with our customers - in partnership and from “person to person”. For us, digitalization is much more than just technology and its application, because the right combination of business, technology and culture is essential for us to be successful. Soptim has been based in Aachen since the company formation. The Essen branch was founded in 1991.

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