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Successful Equias User Meeting 2019 in Vienna!

Last week the 16th edition of the Equias Annual User Meeting took place in Vienna. We welcomed over 130 of our clients to share information on the latest developments in the energy trading industry...

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enmacc Adopts Equias eCM (electronic Confirmation Matching) – Digitalising Energy Sales

The way in which energy is supplied in European energy markets is changing. Electronic sales channels are digitalising and transforming the way energy businesses and their end-customers interact.

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EFETnet changes its name to Equias

During the 15th edition of the EFETnet User Meeting taking place on 6 June in Madrid, the company announced its new name 'Equias B.V.' At the end of an interesting conference day the new name was r...

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First ten clients for EFETnet's MAR compliance solution

EFETnet has achieved its initial goal in establishing the de-facto standard solution for Market Abuse Regime (MAR) compliance in European energy trading – EFETnet’s electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM...

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EFET announces the divestment of EFETnet, service continues under same principles

Last week, 21 November during the annual EFET general meeting in Barcelona, the EFET Board announced the divestment of its ownership interest in EFETnet.

The EFET Board selected a mana...

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Need help with MAR? Hear EFETnet's insights at our free roadshows

EFETnet invites you to attend a roadshow presenting and discussing MAR compliance using the EFETnet MAR solution. These roadshows will be held from September to November 2017, and are free to atten...

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EFETnet electronic Regulatory Reporting wins Excellence in Risk Mitigation 2016 at the Commodity Business Awards

EFETnet’s electronic Regulatory Reporting solution has won the Commodity Business Award in the category “Excellence in Risk Mitigations”. In addition to 2012 and 2014 EFETnet takes their third awar...

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EFETnet's plans for Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) came into force on 3rd July this year. To be MAR-compliant, all trading companies have to monitor their trading activity in order to prevent and detect market abuse, a...

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As some Licensed Users will already be aware, ESMA will publish new Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) and Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) in due course. The revised EMIR requirements desc...

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EFETnet socialises the cost of regulatory reporting (eRR) beginning 2017

At the annual EFETnet User Meeting on May 31, 2016 in Hamburg a week ago, the new pricing for electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) was presented by EFETnet’s Managing Director Hugh Brunswick. The ...

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