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Equias history

  • Change of the company name from EFETnet to Equias


  • Launch of eTM - over 1400 licensed users, data of over 4000 market participants being reported via eRR
  • Launch of eRR reporting service for Phase 2
  • Over 1000 licensed users of eRR 
  • Over 50% of the OMP's connected to eRR
  • Successful launch of eRR service for REMIT reporting
  • EFETnet officially fully registered as one of the first RRM's by ACER 
  • EFETnet wins Commodities Business Award for the second time, in the category Commodity Risk Mitigation
  • European EMIR reporting went live on 10 February 2014
  • More than 20 organisation groups live, reporting for over 200 trading entities
  • Reporting to 3 Trade Repositories (DTCC, REGIS-TR, UnaVista), with remaining connections in development
  • 84 member companies of EFETnet 
  • Full Dodd-Frank reporting for Commodities live since February. 
  • Working with 11 traders, 6 brokers and 3 exchanges to extend the eRR solution to Europe. 
  • First phase for ISDA’s global commodities trade data repository live in March: ODRF reporting for oil swaps. 
  • eXRP launched in September 
  • Winner of Commodity Business Award for “Excellence in Risk Exposure Mitigation”
  • EFETnet won a joint bid with the DTCC for a global solution for commodity repositories. 
  • Development of universal reporting services – eRR. 
  • Launch of next generation software, a centralised gateway upon which to deliver EFET processes, CMS.
  • Start development of a new process to automate the registration of off-exchange trades into clearing - eXRP.
  • 50 member companies of EFETnet 
  • 30 participants reached with all the main brokers involved. 
  • Launch of “Commodity Services”, a set of on-line services and new software features to support members of the EFETnet community.
  • Redevelopment to host multiple EFET process modules including: the Electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) module, the Electronic Position Matching (ePM) module and future modules such as Electronic Settlement (and Invoice) Matching (eSM).
  • 13 member companies of EFETnet, including the first broker company, Spectron Group.
  • EFETnet operational and supported by the founder companies Electabel, RWE, Total and Gaselys.
  • End of that year, 8 more companies have joined bring to 12 the number of companies live with fully automated electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) in accordance to the EFET eCM Standard 3.0. (this sentence does not sound perfect yet)
  • EFETnet set up as cost sharing vehicle by major European energy traders to realise EFET’s common electronic data exchange standards for energy trading. 
  • Ponton Consulting selected as preferred supplier to develop software.