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What to expect in 2020?

What to expect from Equias for 2020:

We are almost at the end of 2019, a good time to look back on what’s been achieved during the year. We are proud to have accomplished the launch of a fresh corporate Equias brand and website and to have continued to improve and expand our services in trading, compliance, reconciliation and information, delivering on Equias’ mission to make energy trading equally accessible to all!

What’s next?

electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) Equias’ market leading, data-ready, trade monitoring service helped over 25 corporate clients comply with their trade monitoring obligations and mitigate the risks of market abuse in 2019. During the year 5 new abuse patterns were added to eTM and data coverage of the service was expanded to include spot energy, oil, coal and emissions markets. 2020 will see the launch of a new more powerful user interface for eTM to better support users in management of their alert investigation and resolution tasks, it will also continue to see the addition of new and refined patterns with a special focus on the analysis of energy spot data. 

2019 saw the launch of electronic Settlement Matching (eSM), Equias’ implementation of EFET’s new eSM standard. eSM delivers automated reconciliation of electronic invoices and netting statements, which in the longer term could lead to a reduction in the entire OTC settlement cycle, cutting credit risk and optimising cash utilisation. Progress on eSM has been rapid and impressive: 9 months from publication by EFET of the eSM Standard to launch of the new service into production! We will now be entering the new year with an early mover group of 10-15 companies and the scene set for the broad adoption of eSM across the Equias user community in 2020. eSM is free in 2020 for users who sign up as eSM early movers before the end of 2019. 

2020 will also see the continued adoption across the industry of energy supplier/customer energy trading portals that service the ‘prosumer’ relationship. Equias launched its cloud service electronic Trade Portal (eTP) in 2019 to enable energy sales traders and suppliers of any size to swiftly deploy their own client trading portal and embrace digitalisation of the energy supplier/customer relationship. 

The introduction of these complementary offerings will further enhances our one stop shop approach in 2020!