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What is new for Equias eTM

Some trading behaviour can lead to prosecution and severe penalties under anti market abuse legislation, REMIT and MAR. MAR requires traders in derivative markets to monitor their own trading behaviour for abuse. REMIT empowered ACER to monitor all EU elerctricity and natural gas trading for abuse. ACER collect all trade, order and fundamental data and centrally analyse trading behaviour of all markets and participants. In their latest newsletter, ACER reported that it had 189 REMIT cases under review at the end of Q2 2019. 

Equias’ electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) service  can help your company comply with MAR and mitigate your risk under REMIT by automatically monitoring your organisation’s trading behaviour. eTM collects and scans your energy transaction data automatically detecting and notifying you of potential cases of market abuse. Being informed about your own trading behaviour enables you to act and avoid penalties imposed by the regulatory authorities.
eTM was introduced to the market in 2017 and is used by energy trading companies all over Europe. We are constantly updating the product in order to meet the market’s requirements. 

What is new for Equias eTM?
Two new abuse patterns were added in the last quarterly release and the data coverage was extended to include transactions directly entered into ICE: 
•    A2A Wash Trades and 
•    Slamming the Close’
•    Direct ICE data feed

What to expect for Equias eTM?
The next release will include: 
•    New GUI with improved navigation
•    New task management and workflow capabilities to support ‘identification through to resolution’ and group working 
•    Inclusion into analysis of ICE traded Oil, Coal and Emissions markets

More information on eTM will be presented in the webinar taking place on 17 September. If you are interested in participating or would like to receive more information first, send an email to registration@equias.org

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