16 July, 2024 | 11.00 CEST

REMIT II features Storage and LNG Contract Reporting, LNG Market Data Reporting, Balancing Market Data, Single Intraday and Day-Ahead Coupling, and Exposure Reporting. These features may extend the scope of OMP and MP reporting obligations and will need incoporation into eRR and CpML standards. This work will depend on the development and eventual publication of the updated EU REMIT Implementing Acts, other related Acts and new ACER Guidance and TRUM.

The aim of the eRR REMIT II Workgroup is to follow developments, interpret their practical impact on the operation of the current eRR process and CpML data format standards, and update the related CpML documentation over the coming six to nine months. This first meeting will kick off the process ahead of the summer break.

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