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electronic Trade Monitoring

Equias’ eTM, is a cloud based trade monitoring and regulatory compliance service that is configurable to each company’s unique situation and specific approach to monitoring. 

Who is it for?

  • Wholesale Trading Compliance Officers

eTM is delivered ‘data ready’ as a cloud service, avoiding the need for a complex product implementation and data integration project. It thus allows users to focus on their risk and compliance issues rather than on the complexities of technical implementing. eTM includes a constant flow of high-quality data – orders and trades, whether traded on exchange, via a broker, or bilaterally. Equias has addressed the complex task of collecting data from multiple sources and integrating it into a homogenous dataset that is ready for analysis. 


For Wholesale Trading Compliance Officers:

  • This service is ‘data ready’ – you can test trial the service and use it immediately to monitor and investigate your organisation’s trading behaviour.
  • You can access top-ranked abuse patterns prioritised by and developed with the eTM community.
  • You gain and share knowledge as part of the largest trade monitoring community involved in EU energy.
  • You can stay abreast of industry best practice by participating in the eTM community.
  • You can add new markets to the analysis automatically simply by starting to trade in them.

Product description:
Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) includes an explicit obligation requiring participants in traded markets – including European energy wholesale markets – to introduce appropriate systems to monitor for breaches. At the same time REMIT empowers and provides regulators with the tools needed to monitor the trading behaviour of participants. Penalties for abusing the market can be extremely severe, giving participants a strong incentive to monitor their own behaviour for abuse and so avoid the risk of penalties.