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electronic Confirmation Matching

electronic Confirmation Matching, eCM, live since 2004, is the established standard for confirmation matching in the European energy trading industry. eCM is a solution for energy trading market participants that helps reduce operational risk, cost and delays in processing electronic deal confirmations. The software implements standardised business processes compliant with the EFET standards that automate the exchange and processing of data between traders and brokers.

Benefits of eCM  
•    Exchange electronic documents with more than 60 organisations on connection
•    Automatically match trade confirmation documents
•    Multiple user roles to control access
•    Multiple organisations to enable intercompany matching
•    Extensive search and reporting functions
•    Faster process
•    Lower manual intervention, so lower risk of error
•    Detailed, secure audit trail
•    Immediate connection to over 60 market participants, both traders and brokers

eCM is part of CMS