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electronic Confirmation Matching lite

eCM lite is an on-line tool aimed at trading companies with lower transaction volumes, using it avoids the need to implement the heavy weight IT integration required for a fully automated solution linked into the companies trading system. Nontheless eCM lite gives any company using it complete access to all other trading companies in the European electronic confirmation community, whether they be fully integrated or other eCM lite users. Using eCM lite means trading companies will also be able to report under EMIR and REMIT and comply with regulatory rules for timely confirmation.

eCM lite is free of charge up to 250 matches per calendar month.

Benefits of eCM lite

  • There is no integration required, just sign up and go
  • Immediate connection to 80+ Equais eCM users
  • It is flexible, users can match with any eCM users – fully connected or lite – and even use it to cover EMIR & REMIT reporting
  • Possible to move to the full end to end eCM version