Equias has recently partnered with CorreggioNET to provide clients with a one-stop-shop online service that keeps them up to date with the legal and compliancy requirements for trading physical energy at Member State level. Compliance with national requirements can act as a barrier to new market entrants, non-compliance can trigger penalties or the loss of trading licenses. CorreggioNET service assures that physical energy traders are kept informed about regulatory change affecting them in the various markets for which they subscribe.

CorreggioNET sends out automated alters about applicable national reporting events and sends these alerts in advance of the due dates to subscribed license holders. CorreggioNET eliminates the risk of missing national reporting obligations for physical energy traders and ensures that existing market participants stay up to date with local regulations as they change from time to time. CorreggioNET service is a systematic reg-tech tool that meets the ever-changing regulatory obligations placed on market participants at member state level. CorreggioNET is an interactive web-based service.

• Facilitates access to new energy markets through the provision of up-to-date information on market access rules and procedures at the wholesale level;
• Offers a comprehensive, structured overview of national regulations triggering compliance obligations for energy market participants in English, and allows for tracking the original sources;
• Enables savings on compliance and reduction in overhead costs through offering continuous regulatory monitoring in energy markets of your choice.
CorreggioNET is a product of Correggio Consulting, an independent international consultancy based in Brussels. Correggio Consulting is specialised in regulatory advisory services for the gas and electricity sectors. Correggio Consulting is best known for its Correggio Regulatory Report, covering energy market regulatory and policy developments across the EU. To hear what others say about CorreggioNET, click here.

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