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26 September 2022

Equias Energy Market Crisis Survival Guide

The prospect of a switch from monthly to daily settlement offers the chance to refresh credit lines more frequently, offering a route off the excha...
14 July 2022

Eneco takes their back-office to the next level with Equias eBO

Efficient back office operations are essential to long-term success. The Dutch energy company Eneco knows this very well, as just last week, t...
08 April 2022

EFET and PWC release report on benefits eSM

EFET and PWC release report on the benefits of daily settlements. eSM enhances market liquidity in OTC energy markets and reduces counterparty cred...
26 January 2022

Equias Quarterly - January 2022

We’re starting off the new year with some cautiously positive news – the gas forward curve, although still volatile, indicates lower prices for the...
21 October 2021

Equias Quarterly 2021 - Edition 3

The third edition of our 2021 Quarterly is now available! Rising Energy Prices in the EU and UK I'll start by...
15 July 2021

Equias Quarterly 2021 - Edition 2

The second edition of our 2021 Quarterly is now available! A Light at the End of the Tunnel 
13 January 2021

Equias Quarterly 2020 - Edition 4

10 December 2020

Equias partners with CorreggioNET

We have recently partnered with CorreggioNET to offer our clients an one-stop-shop to keep them up to date with the ever-changing regulatory report...
06 October 2020

Cloud solution for the OTC market - Soptim and Equias establish partnership

The cooperation between Soptim and Equias B.V. simplifies access to back-office trading automation for OTC markets by using new Equias’ ele...
28 September 2020

Equias organizes webinar on ACER REMIT fees

Last week Equias organized a webinar regarding ACER intention to introduce fees for REMIT in 2021. The introduction of these REMIT fees will be an ...
16 September 2020

Equias sponsors Energy Trading Week

Equias is the proud sponsor of Energy Trading Week taking place 5 – 9 October. The organizer, Commodities People, brings together 4 events in one v...
24 August 2020

ACER consultation on REMIT fees

In January 2021, REMIT fees will be introduced as funding to cover the cost of ACER’s REMIT-related activities. The REMIT fee mechanism will be det...
06 August 2020

Equias renews its ISO 27001 certification

Equias is very pleased to announce its ISO 27001 certificate is renewed. Last week an external ISO27001 audit organisation conducted an on-site aud...
08 July 2020

Equias Quarterly 2020 - edition 2 Summer

The second edition of Equias Quarterly is now available. It provides an update on developments over the past three months and we also look ahead to...
18 June 2020

eSM - an animated video on electronic Settlement Matching

electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) delivers the prospect of a fundamental change to the way the European OTC energy market operates, enabling a m...
27 May 2020

eTM - an animated video on Automated Trade Monitoring

Automated trade monitoring has been a regulatory obligation in all EU countries since July 2016. Regulation places an obligation on trading organis...
18 May 2020

Equias is sponsoring Energy Trading Week Online

Equias is proud to be gold sponsor of Energy Trading Week Online, scheduled from 16-18 June 2020. We invite you to sign up free of charge and join ...
15 April 2020

Equias Quarterly 2020 - edition 1 Spring

For obvious reasons Equias is currently not hosting any physical meetings. However we would like to keep our (potential) clients informed about the...
25 March 2020

Equias conference in Barcelona cancelled

We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately it has become necessary to cancel the Equias conference, which was due to be held in Barcelona on 9 a...
05 March 2020

Start using a trade surveillance system and avoid penalties

Recently energy companies in two European states were penalised for illegal trading activity. It is important for companies to avoid abusive tradin...
02 March 2020

How will your organisation benefit from electronic Settlement Matching?

Equias launced electronic Settlement Matching last year. eSM is a new product specifically for the settlements team of energy trading companies. It...
29 January 2020

Roadshows electronic Settlement Matching – it is a wrap!

Last November Equias started a series of roadshows to explain more about the new electronic Settlement Matching initiative from EF...
20 January 2020

Avoid penalties, monitor corporate trading activity with eTM

European energy transactions are closely watched both by the national regulator and ACER in order to ensure a consistent application of REMIT rules...
08 January 2020

Equias Conference 2020 - Barcelona, 9 & 10 June

The annual Equias conference will take place on 9 & 10 June in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  We will offer a packed programme with upd...
12 December 2019

What to expect in 2020?

What to expect from Equias for 2020: We are almost at the end of 2019, a good time to look back on what’s been achiev...
21 November 2019

Early mover group meeting electronic Settlement Matching

On Wednesday 11 December Equias organizes the next early mover group meeting ‘electronic Settlement Matching (eSM)’ in London. eSM is a new...
28 October 2019

Roadshows electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) - several locations in Europe

Equias is holding a series of roadshows to explain more about the new electronic Settlement Matching initiative from EFET, and to demonstrate Equia...
23 October 2019

Embrace the market transition - start using Equias electronic Trade Portal

Energy transition and technology advances are transforming the energy market throughout Europe. Profitability is being affected by a trend towards ...
09 October 2019

Equias achieves ISO 27001 certification

Equias is very proud to announce that it is now ISO 27001 certified. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 is a globally recog...
07 October 2019

Early mover group meeting electronic Settlement Matching

On Thursday 24 October Equias organizes the next early mover group meeting ‘electronic Settlement Matching (eSM)’ in London. eSM is a new E...
30 September 2019

Meet Equias at ETOT 2019

On 10 & 11 October the 11th edition of Energy Trading Operations & Technology Summit (ETOT) will take place in London. ETOT is Europe’s lea...
04 September 2019

What is new for Equias eTM

Some trading behaviour can lead to prosecution and severe penalties under anti market abuse legislation, REMIT and MAR. MAR requires traders in der...
15 August 2019

Equias is developing a new reconciliation product for invoice and settlement documents, electronic Settlement Matching (eSM).

The product is an implementation of the latest EFET eSM standard. The EFET standard aims for automated electronic invoicing and settlement document...
03 July 2019

Equias plans further expansion of abuse patterns in electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM)

21 June 2019

Equias electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) includes a direct data feed connection to ICE.

On 27th May Equias updated electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) to include a direct data feed connection to ICE. eTM helps market participants comply ...
29 May 2019

Successful Equias User Meeting 2019 in Vienna!

Last week the 16th edition of the Equias Annual User Meeting took place in Vienna. We welcomed over 130 of our clients to share information on the ...
11 February 2019

enmacc adopts Equias eCM (electronic Confirmation Matching) – digitalising energy sales

The way in which energy is supplied in European energy markets is changing. Electronic sales channels are digitalising and transforming the way ene...
02 July 2018

EFETnet changes its name to Equias

During the 15th edition of the EFETnet User Meeting taking place on 6 June in Madrid, the company announced its new name 'Equias B.V.' At the end o...
27 November 2017

EFET announces the divestment of EFETnet, service continues under same principles

Last week, 21 November during the annual EFET general meeting in Barcelona, the EFET Board announced the divestment of its ownership interest ...