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Meet Equias at ETOT 2019

On 10 & 11 October the 11th edition of Energy Trading Operations & Technology Summit (ETOT) will take place in London. ETOT is Europe’s leading operations and technology summit. Equias is sponsoring the event and we will be represented in the programme with 2 presentations.

On 11 October Equias' CEO Hugh Brunswick will present on ‘the energy change and the operational implication for the back office’. Hugh will focus in his presentation on the changing market circumstances e.g. as a result of wider access to market services for prosumers and smaller trading firms. What does this mean for the back office and what changes and reassignments of resources, personnel and technology should be considered?

Dale Emmerson, Trading and Markets Director at Equias will present in the ETEM conference which is running alongside ETOT. In his presentation on ‘the transition to ETRM as a service’ Dale will concentrate on automated trading, new technology and resource requirements.

Interested in meeting Hugh, Dale or one of our other Equias colleagues to discuss what our products can do for your company?  Please send an email to to schedule a meeting.