Video instructions on eRR lite function

Equias has developed eRR ite for those companies captured by REMIT Reporting obligations but unable to justify the cost of IT integration. eRR lite can also be used by larger companies in parallel with their IT integration to enter and amend individual contracts, typically one-off complex contracts etc.

For a short explanation on how the eRR lite function works,  see the videos below in the English or German language


Explanation on how eRR works - English language

Explanation on how eRR works - German language


Click the links below to get more information on the Ponton REMIT/RELAX spreadsheet tool for generation of REMIT ACER XML formatted reports using Microsoft Excel.

Data entry using Ponton - English

Data entry using Ponton RR - German

Ponton RR Generator- English

Ponton Generator - German

For more information on Ponton RR, go to



See the English and German videos below on how to manually upload an ACER XML formatted report file to the eRR system for reporting to ACER

How to manually upload an ACER XML report file -Engish

How to manually upload an AXER XML report file - German language