Annual User Meeting
21 & 22 May, 2019
Vienna, Austria

In 2019 the 16th Annual User Meeting will be organized on 21 & 22 May in Vienna, Austria. This years' theme is Digitalisation. The venue we selected is the Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace. Please find below an outline of the programme. Speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Tuesday 21 May 2019

10.00 hrs     Opening address
                   Introduction, challenges, changes

10.15 hrs     Keynote: Trends in energy trading

10.45 hrs     Digitalisation of Energy Sales
                   - What is changing?
                   - Business impact
                   - Strategy & solutions

11.30 hrs     Coffee Break

12.00 hrs     Trade Surveillance 
- What is a good MAR setup (a market party's perspective)
                   - How to use eTM today?

12.45 hrs     Lunch Break 

14.15 hrs     How data insights can help your business 
                   - Example insights
                   - EMI dashboards

14.45 hrs     The efficient Back Office 
                  - Streamlining your back office
                  - What works, where are the challenges

15.15 hrs     Coffee Break

15.45 hrs     Interactive feedback session

16.15 hrs     Roadmap
                    - What are we doing, what are the dates?
                    - How do you get involved?

16.45 hrs     Closing speech

17.00 hrs     Drinks 
You are invited to join us for the Equias User Meeting social event in the evening of 21 May. We have selected a nice venue in the beautiful city of Vienna for an informal gathering. 

18.30 hrs     Departure of busses to social event
19.00 hrs     Special venue with buffet dinner
23.00 hrs     End of social event

Participation in the conference on 21 May and the evening dinner is free of charge.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

On Wednesday 22 May 2019, from 09:00 – 15:00, we are hosting workshops and training sessions. Attendance to any of the 22 May sessions is charged at €600 (excl. VAT) per participant. 

Market change and new developments in the energy market

09.00 hrs    Opening address
09.10 hrs    Drivers for market change
09.45 hrs    Business compliance changes and regulation
10:30 hrs    Coffee Break
11:00 hrs    Backoffice – key drivers
11:30 hrs    The future of energy broking
12:30 hrs    Lunch Break
13:30 hrs    Blockchain implementation case study
14:00 hrs    Market developments in energy sales
14:30 hrs    Regulatory summary
14:55 hrs    Closing
15:00 hrs    End of session

Trade Surveillance and Trade Monitoring - eTM
09.00 - 15.00 hrs - Programme will be available soon

User Training on Equias services; eCM, eRR for REMIT/EMIR 
09.00 - 15.00 hrs - Programme will be available soon

For registration and more information please contact us at