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Equias has a lean organisational structure. Hugh Brunswick is CEO, he is advised by the Equias Steering Committee comprising representatives of the Equias user community on matters related to priorities, investments, marketing and communication.

Hugh Brunswick has been involved with the company since 2005, when he was appointed the Managing Director of EFETnet. In November 2017, EFET divested its ownership interest in EFETnet B.V. In June 2018 EFETnet changed its name to become Equias B.V. and Hugh was appointed as CEO.

At EFETnet, now Equias, Hugh has overseen the introduction and development of several EFETnet services that implement the EFET Standards and the steady growth of the user community with a focus on operational process automation, compliance and innovation. Hugh has over 20 years of experience in energy and commodity markets.

Prior to Equias, Hugh worked in business and IT consultancy for various consulting organisations. His work with EFET, EFETnet and now Equias provides Hugh with an opportunity to work in Europe and internationally with traders, brokers, exchanges, clearers and regulatory repositories and to develop a deep understanding of the energy and commodity markets from the strategic, regulatory, commercial, operational and technical perspectives.

He is a graduate of the University of Manchester with BSc (Hons) Physics and MSc Computer Science.

Steering Group

The Equias Steering Committee consists of:

Paul Kennedy – EdF Trading (Wholesale Market Trader)
David Trevallion – SSE (Utility)
Simon Davidson – Griffin Markets (Broker)

They represent the interests of the user community and advise the Equias management