Monitor your trading activity with confidence

Whether you are considering entering a new market in EU energy, testing your trading strategy against the broader market, or simply deepening your understanding of how certain energy products trade in order to improve your decision making, access to high-quality historic market information is essential. Our eMI system allows any market participants access to such data.

eMI - energy Market Information


eMI is a cloud-based tool, which pools data from our existing applications and makes it available to companies for integration and analysis. Equias eRR users can relate their own data to anonymised market data to understand how their activity compares to that of the wider market.


  • Simple, low-cost access to deep energy-trading information across the European physical energy market.
  • There’s no need to build an in-house solution; eMI comes with the critical views of data built in.
  • Data is collected, cleaned, pooled, normalised and anonymised.
  • Tailored views for different areas of your organisation, from front to the back office.

Spot Market Data Analysis in Trade Monitoring


Spot markets generate significantly more data compared to forward/future markets; but more concerningly the data generated does not always seem to fit the abuse pattern analysis that has been developed and which works well for forward/future markets. An initial investigation of the underlying issues related to spot market data and automated trade monitoring  is presented in a White Paper.