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How will your organisation benefit from electronic Settlement Matching?

Equias launced electronic Settlement Matching last year. eSM is a new product specifically for the settlements team of energy trading companies. It automates electronic invoice matching and netting, following the latest EFET eSM standard. 

eSM reuses Equias’ existing EFET compliant data exchange infrastructure, already used by the industry for electronic confirmation matching and regulatory reporting. The technology is already in place meaning eSM is only about business adoption. The quality of the product and the numbers of your counterparties using eSM is crucial in any decision to adopt eSM.

21 companies are already signed up with Equias to implement eSM this year and are currently testing the service. eSM version 2.0 will be released into live operation on the 30th March 2020, adding financial invoicing and netting to the currently live version 1.0 which was released in December 2019. 

How will your organisation benefit from eSM:
- Standardise settlement processes by adopting industry best practice
- A reduction in the length of the OTC settlement cycle for energy products
- Reduce payment delays and incorporate automated netting
- Shorten the OTC settlement cycle, thus reducing credit risk and freeing up cash

Joining the eSM early mover group
Are you interested in joining the 21 organisations in the eSM early mover group? We organize regular meetings with the participating companies in the early mover group. In these meetings we will inform you about the latest developments and timings on eSM. The next meeting is scheduled for 19 March in London (10.00 - 16.00 UK). In case you are interested in participating in future meetings, but are unable to attend the next meeting, then you can also sign up for the eSM catch up webinar organized on 24 March (15.00 – 16.00 CET). Please send email to registration@equias.org if you like to sign up.

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