eTS - electronic Trade Services

Our electronic Trade Service (eTS) removes the technology and cost barriers to adoption and provides industrial and commercial businesses, renewable generation projects, aggregators and smaller utilities with the tools they need to gain maximum advantage from the trend towards digitalisation of energy sales.

Who is it for?

  • Energy supply companies – Energy clients.


We offer energy supply companies and energy clients:

  • A simple, standard fee structure, which delivers exceptional value for small and medium-sized businesses.  
  • Integration with electronic sales channels (single-click trading).  
  • Cloud-hosted services – there’s no need to buy, install or manage IT.  
  • Functionality that’s tailored to meet the needs of their business.  
  • A service that can easily be scaled up or down.
  • Automated electronic trade confirmation with suppliers.  
  • Reduced trade breaks and operational overheads.

Customers can gain significant benefits in terms of improved choice and the visibility of purchasing options as well as a better opportunity to sell back their own production.


eTS is a cloud-hosted energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system that is fully integrated with our industry-standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) service and proprietary electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) service. eTS provides clients with the front to back-office functionality they need to manage their consumption and production hedging while optimising the digital sales environment. This is done easily and conveniently, and it represents exceptional value.

The context:

The way in which energy is supplied in European energy markets is changing. Energy suppliers are increasingly marketing products using electronic sales channels, transforming the way in which energy businesses and end-customers interact. Increasing volumes of energy are being sold and purchased through suppliers’ electronic sales portals or through third-party electronic sales platforms. Thanks to the digitalisation of sales channels, energy can be bought and sold in smaller volumes, at shorter tenors and with greater frequency, signalling a move away from longer-term procurement towards active shorter-term hedging and optimisation that is more characteristic of wholesale trading.

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