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eTM - an animated video on Automated Trade Monitoring

Automated trade monitoring has been a regulatory obligation in all EU countries since July 2016. Regulation places an obligation on trading organisations to monitor their own trading activity. National regulators have made a series of high profile investigations into trading companies suspected of being in breach of regulation under REMIT or MAR.

For several organisations this has resulted in hefty fines for perceived market abuse violations. Company names and often high financial penalties are published in the press, risking reputational damage to the organisation. Approriate, but not necessarily complex or expensive, systems are needed to monitor trading behaviour to minimise the chance of investigations which may otherwise result in a negative perception of the company by stakeholders and the wider public.

We offer electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) which lowers the cost and technical barriers of automatic trade monitoring, bringing industry best practice, regulatory compliance and mitigation of reputational risk within reach of all EU energy market participants. In this animated video we explain the basics of eTM.