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eSM - an animated video on electronic Settlement Matching

electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) delivers the prospect of a fundamental change to the way the European OTC energy market operates, enabling a move to daily settlement, reducing open credit and freeing up cash. eSM delivers immediate productivity benefits: swifter payment through invoice matching and broader adoption of netting through automatic generation of netting statements from matched invoice amounts. In this animated video we explain the basics of eSM.

Equias eSM is fully EFET compliant, ready for use and tested by early movers. The focus of the early mover group is now on rapid adoption of eSM across the industry.

Equias’ implementation of eSM was developed in collaboration with an Early Mover group of 22 high profile companies from across the industry including: BKW, CEZ, EDF Trading,  Eneco, EnergieAllianz, ENGIE Global Markets, EWE, STEAG and Verbund. 

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