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An SMT is a market participant who is typically not directly active in the wholesale trading market but may be a consumer or producer of significant amounts of energy and thus requires a relationship with one or more energy trader(s) who is (or are) active in the wholesale energy market. 

Since regulatory reporting obligations apply to all market participants, regardless of their size, Equias has developed eRR SMT specifically for small and medium-sized trading companies operating in the European energy market.

Who is it for?
Small and medium-sized traders (SMT) that require a relationship with one or more energy trader(s) who is (or are) active in the wholesale energy market.
Companies reporting on behalf of SMTs, including counterparties, clients and energy customers. 

SMT services are designed to ensure that small and medium-sized trading companies can comply with regulations and meet their responsibilities in the overall regulatory reporting process on the one hand (in terms of exhaustiveness and the correctness of the data submitted) and to facilitate an easier, faster and less labour-intensive process for the reporting company on the other. 


For SMTs: 

  • You receive free access to the reporting service used by major energy suppliers that report on your behalf.
  • Using your own on-line account, you can monitor what is being reported in your name and see the responses from the regulator.
  • You can view a straightforward summary of your reported trades, per reporter and per jurisdiction.
  • You can monitor on-line and/or easily download reported data.
  • You gain full access to the underlying details of both reported trades and the status of all reports submitted within the reporting process.

For companies reporting on behalf of SMTs:

  • You can achieve more from your existing use of eRR at no additional cost and with no extra effort. 
  • You automatically meet your obligation to inform clients of what has been reported to regulators in their name. 
  • You can provide your clients with on-line access so that they can see and monitor reports you have made on their behalf using eRR.
  • A standardised activity report is made available with full drill-down flexibility.

Product description:
SMTs use their relationships with wholesale energy market participants in order to balance and manage their energy needs without the need to become active themselves in the wholesale energy market. There are a large number of SMTs operating in the European energy market and together they form a market segment (the SMT market segment or SMTs). 

Although most SMTs rely on a larger counterparty which reports on their behalf, the SMT nevertheless retains the responsibility to ensure the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the data reported in their name. eRR SMT provides an effective, efficient tool that can be used to facilitate regulatory reporting compliance for the benefit of the reporter and the SMT counterparty.