eRR - electronic Regulatory Reporting

Connecting to our eRR product is a top priority for any trading company or trading venue wishing to enter the European energy market. eRR connects to over 1,500 trading companies and venues across the market, providing a ‘backbone’ through which order, trade and lifecycle events flow.

Who is it for?

  • Wholesale trading back office & compliance officers.
  • Organised Market Places (OMPs), both over-the-counter (OTC) venues (Organised Trading Facilities [OTFs] e.g. brokers) and cleared venues (RRMs e.g. exchanges).
  • Companies reporting on behalf of third parties, including counterparties, clients and energy customers.


For wholesale trading back office & compliance officers:

  • Centralised real-time monitoring and control of your reported data for all European regulatory regimes: REMIT, ElCom and EMIR.
  • Access to and control of reporting made on your behalf by venues and counterparties.
  • Full support for delegated reporting for third parties, including on-line access for counterparties, clients and energy customers to dashboards, thus enabling easy fulfilment of third-party reporting disclosure requirements.

For organised market places:

  • ‘Plug-and-play’ access to the industry’s standard reporting infrastructure, ensuring that clients’ reporting obligations can easily be met.
  • Connection to your clients’ preferred reporting service.
  • Free of charge.


Joining eRR establishes immediate access to the industry’s main regulatory reporting channel for REMIT, ElCom and EMIR.

The context:

Regulatory oversight is essential to ensure the integrity of traded markets. The decentralised, OTC nature of the European energy market means that regulatory transparency is achieved through mandatory reporting obligations placed on both trading venues and traders. Collecting and reporting every order, trade and lifecycle event in a market the size of the European energy market is a significant challenge.

Equias has recently partnered with CorreggioNET to provide eRR users a one-stop-shop online service that keeps them up to date with the legal and compliance requirements for trading physical energy in more than 20 EU Member States. CorreggioNET systematically monitors regulatory change at Member State level. Subscribers receive automated electronic alerts for national reporting tasks and obligations ahead of every due date. For more information, click here. 

Frequently asked questions:

eRR is currently connected to DTCC, Regis-TR, and UnaVista for EMIR trade reporting.  eRR is also a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) for reporting under REMIT to ACER and to Elcom for Swiss clients. It is also possible to report transaction under MiFID II to Una Vista in its capacity as an ARM.

There is no manual upload functionality for EMIR reporting. Clients are able to send EMIR CpML documents via our XP Messenger to eRR to meet their EMIR reporting obligations. 

Any eRR client can see a real time view of what has been reported for their company via the eRR application, regardless of who has reported the trade – the trader, their OMP, or their counterparty.

For more information on pricing and the fee schedule, please contact Equias at, or call us on +44(0)1372365760. 

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