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Equias sponsors Energy Trading Week

Equias is the proud sponsor of Energy Trading Week taking place 5 – 9 October. The organizer, Commodities People, brings together 4 events in one virtual event accessible to all. Energy Trading Week incorporates ETOT (Operations & Technology), ETRC (Regulation & Compliance), Front Office Excellence and High Growth Traders Forum. 

Equias is a gold sponsor and involved in the conference programme, please find below an overview of all the presentations and timings:

6 October 2020; ETOT 
09.45-10.00 UK time: Client case: our eSM roadmap with Equias 

Hugh Brunswick, CEO Equias and Geert van Wijngaarden, Head Back Office, EWE Trading 

11.10-11.30 UK time: ETOT panel discussion: what is the end vision for eSM 
Hugh Brunswick, CEO Equias 

7 October 2020: ETRC 
13.55-14.15 UK time: Energy spot market data in trade monitoring 

Hugh Brunswick, CEO Equias 

9 October 2020: High Growth Traders Forum
15.35-15.55 UK time: Enabling trading & customer growth through standardisation and ETRM services  

Dale Emmerson, Director Trading and Markets, Equias

To register for the Energy Trading Week go to https://www.energytradingweek.com/register-ticket-type-eu

For more information on our involvement in Energy Trading Week or to set up a meeting prior to or after one or more of the above sessions, please send an email to registration@equias.org 

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