Equias Quarterly 2021 - Edition 3

The third edition of our 2021 Quarterly is now available!

Rising Energy Prices in the EU and UK

I'll start by confirming the accuracy of what we've been reading and hearing about: energy prices have risen due to wind and natural gas shortages, and yes, we are seeing a marked effect on trading behaviour and reductions in trade volumes. With Equias eSM, the impact of higher energy prices are mitigated. eSM shortens settlement cycles and frees up credit for your company to continue trading. You’ll find the details in our eSM product update below. In the meantime, we'll continue to follow the energy price developments with the same intensity you've come to expect from us. Look forward to more updates once we've got details to report on.

 Download the third edition of the 2021 Equias Quarterly here.