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Equias plans further expansion of abuse patterns in electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM)

Recently ACER published an overview of all wholesale energy market penalities issued under REMIT. Over EUR 30 milion of fines have been levied on organisations in breach of the regulation (see http://www.acer.europa.eu/en/remit/Pages/Overview-of-the-sanction-decisions.aspx).

Equias’ eTM service can help your company to comply with MAR and to mitigate your risk under REMIT by automatically monitoring your organisation’s trading behaviour. eTM collects and scans your energy transaction data automatically detecting and notifying you of potential cases of market abuse. Being informed about your own trading behaviour enables you to pre-empt actions by regulatory authorities that may result in significant penalties being imposed on your company.

The current Abuse Patterns are already included in eTM.
1) Spoofing

2) Layering (extension planned)

Marking the Close
Slamming the Close (released in July)
Insider Trading
6) Wash Trades A2A
7) Wash Trades A2B

8) Pre-arranged Trading (part of 7, 9)

9) Off-market pricing

Equias plans to include more abuse patterns this year from the following shortlist:

Forward/Futures Market:
• Abusive squeezing, cornering the market
• Cross-market manipulation
Spot Market:
The following are seen in recent market abuse cases and are under discussion for inclusion:
• Physical withholding
• Capacity hoarding

Interested in hearing more?

The next eTM webinar on Abuse Patterns is planned for the 14th August 2019, in which we aim to present the latest developments of the next abuse pattern(s) in more detail. Are you interested in joining this webinar? Send an email to registration@equias.org for more information.

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