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Equias organizes webinar on ACER REMIT fees

Last week Equias organized a webinar regarding ACER intention to introduce fees for REMIT in 2021. The introduction of these REMIT fees will be an additional source of funding to cover the costs of ACER’s REMIT-related activities.
The outcome of the public consultation by DG Energy was finalised on 31st August 2020 and the results were expected to be communicated to RRMs last week. Unfortunately the meeting for this has been postponed until October 2020. 

During the webinar Hugh Brunswick, CEO, and Liam Dunne, COO, of Equias provided some context around the introduction of the REMIT fees based on information presented at a Stakeholder’s Workshop given by ACER last July. 

Equias will watch the developments closely in the coming weeks and once a final timetable has been published by ACER regarding the actual introduction of REMIT fees, we will provide updates in line with the official information released to us. 

The presentation and recording of the recent Equias webinar on the subject are available in the Equias website Members’ Area which is accessible to Equias clients. In case you have not set up a Members’ Area account or if you are not an Equias client yet, but have questions around the REMIT fees, please send an email to support@equias.org 

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