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Equias is sponsoring Energy Trading Week Online

Equias is proud to be gold sponsor of Energy Trading Week Online, scheduled from 16-18 June 2020. We invite you to sign up free of charge and join us for the Energy Trading Week Online.

In the REGTech panel, scheduled on 16 June, Hugh Brunswick will be discussing best practice in trade monitoring, reputational risk associated with regulatory investigations associated with market abuse and investigating some of the challenges on monitoring energy spot markets, where data volumes are large, order/trade ratios are high and prices exhibit tremendous volatility.

In the electronic Settlement Matching round tables on 18 June, join Equias to hear the latest on bringing EFET’s new eSM industry standard process live in 2020. With 22 companies participating in the Equias eSM Early Mover Group there is plenty of experience to share and insights to be gained for those wishing to better understand how the process works, its benefits and the business case for investing in automated settlement matching. 

Admission to the Energy Trading Week Online and the above panel and round table session is free of charge for energy trading firms, simply register here

Looking forward to meeting you all online.

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