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Leading Traders from across Europe go live with eSM in 2020 

We are thrilled to announce that members of the #eSM Early Mover Group, including ENGIE, Endesa-ENEL, EWE, ČEZ, and EDF Trading, successfully went live in 2020 with eSM for physical delivery contracts with the November invoicing process. 

These early adopters have proven their collaborative spirit, meeting all the challenges to bring this new industry process live in 2020. With this key milestone achieved, we can confidently predict 2021 as being the year of broad industry adoption of eSM.  

eSM allows trading companies to match invoices and netting statements in a similar way to that in which eCM allows them to match trade confirmations. Going forward, eSM is the foundation on which industry-wide automated settlement and payment will be built. eSM has the potential to transform OTC trading by reducing the duration of the OTC settlement cycle, delivering efficiencies, mitigating credit risk, improving cash utilisation, and ultimately enabling even greater market participation and increasing liquidity.  

Equias and the eSM Early Mover Group are proud to be at the forefront, driving eSM adoption. We stand ready to welcome your organization and guide your adoption of eSM as a companion process to eCM and eRR. To learn more about the benefits of eSM please contact us at: support@equias.org