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Equias eSM 2.0: the first fully compliant EFET eSM service is now live!

electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) ) automates matching of electronic invoices and netting statements. EFET has recognized Equias eSM as the only EFET compliant version as it implements all the aspects of the EFET eSM settlement process. Equias eSM continues to use Equias’ existing EFET compliant data exchange infrastructure, used by the industry for electronic confirmation matching and regulatory reporting.

eSM version 2.0 went into live operation on the 30th March 2020, adding financial invoicing and netting to physical invoicing included in eSM version 1.0. Equias eSM is ready to use and the process is being tested by eSM early movers. 22 companies, representing a signficant share of the EU energy market have already signed up for the service and are in the process of testing and implementing into their internal settlement processes. 

eSM will:
-    Standardise settlement processes by adopting industry best practice.
-    Reduce payment delays and incorporate automated netting.
-    Facilitate a shorter OTC settlement cycle, leading to reduced credit risk and improved cash utilisation.
-    Bring increased operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes and associated errors.

We invite you to contact us via support@equias.org for a live demo or to get involved in the testing process. 

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