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Early mover group meeting electronic Settlement Matching

On Wednesday 11 December Equias organizes the next early mover group meeting ‘electronic Settlement Matching (eSM)’ in London.

eSM is a new Equias product under development and an implementation of the latest EFET eSM standard aimed at automated electronic invoicing and matching of netting statements. In the longer term eSM may facilitate a reduction in the OTC settlement cycle, cutting credit risk and optimising cash utilisation.

The Equias eSM early mover group is a ‘free option’ providing early movers, who sign up before 31 December 2019, a year’s free usage of Equias’ new eSM service which goes live in January 2020. Early movers have the opportunity to participate in testing the new service throughout Q4/2019, but they are equally welcome simply to attend meetings as observers or follow by email. It is up to each early mover to do as much or as little as they want. 

There is little or no commercial risk in signing up as an eSM early mover. Participation will encourage  major counterparties to do the same resulting in greater adoption and consequently quicker realisation of the business benefit of process automation to an organisation.

If you are interested in eSM or like to participate in the next eSM early mover group meeting in London on 11 December please send an email to