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Our mission is to grow market participation and trading activity by building a dynamic community in European energy trading. We currently have over 1,500 clients worldwide. Joining the Equias community allows you to use the innovative, cost-effective solutions and products we have developed for the energy-trading community. We focus on optimisation and adding value through technical insights and innovations that are equitable and accessible to all of our clients.


At Equias we deliver our products via our award-winning CMS architecture and this is backed up by a world-class support organisation. Experts with years of industry experience are available to help with the simplest to the most complex queries.

We keep our members of the Equias community up-to-date on the latest trends in energy trading and how our products can help you make the most of these trends. We organise industry workshops throughout the year to share knowledge and progress solutions, culminating in our annual Equias Conference.


  • Get connected across the market, whether you are a trader, broker, an exchange, a trade repository or a regulator.
  • Get plug-and-play access to the industry’s standard regulatory infrastructure.
  • Capture trends through a dynamic approach.
  • Get access to a cloud-based trading system.