Eneco takes their back-office to the next level with Equias eBO

Efficient back office operations are essential to long-term success. The Dutch energy company Eneco knows this very well, as just last week, they went online with Equias' eBO solution to implement a fully electronic back office.

Eneco is using eBO for electronic confirmations (eCM) & electronic regulatory reporting (eRR). The ‘always-on' of an eBO allows their clients to access their services with no additional development required. Also, there is no local IT to install or maintain and web-based service calls are now easier than ever.

Equias eBO will improve Eneco's trade automation, reduce costs and simplify technical connectivity to our reconciliation and compliance services. This clearly makes them an early mover for implementing the latest innovative technologies.

"Back office systems don't always get the attention they deserve, but they are a crucial part of trading. With Equias eBO we have powerful tools to streamline our back office processes, delivered through the latest IT technologies for scalable, robust, future-proof operations." - Folkert Reitsma MBA, Director Operations & IT, Eneco Energy Trade

Equias provides the most reliable automation for OTC energy trading to remain the industry's most trusted provider and ETRM Services' adapter to Equias eBO enabled Eneco to streamline the integration with their ETRM system.