eMI - energy Market Information

Insights into how trading markets operate gives you as a market participant a key advantage in executing your strategy. eMI gives you low-cost access, enabling you to better understand how your trading strategy matches up against the wider market, existing active markets, and markets you may want to track or enter.


Who is it for:

  • Market participants who are active in energy trading.
  • Traders who use Equias eRR or who may want to test their trading activity against the market in general.


  • Simple, low-cost access to deep energy-trading information across the European physical energy market.
  • There’s no need to build an in-house solution; eMI comes with the critical views of data built in.
  • Data is collected, cleaned, pooled, normalised and anonymised.
  • Tailored views for different areas of your organisation, from front to back office.


eMI is a cloud-based tool, which pools data from our existing applications and makes it available to companies for integration and analysis. Equias eRR users can relate their own data to anonymised market data to understand how their activity compares to that of the wider market.

Product description

The context:

eMI provides a number of views on data aligned to the various functions of a trading business: front office, back/middle office, settlements/treasury and risk/credit. The central data store is located within our award-winning CMS infrastructure, so no implementation is required by the user – you simply sign up and go.

eMI is a dynamic solution that continues to evolve – we are continually collecting feedback from users, which in turn extends the scope of what we offer.

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