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Embrace the market transition - start using Equias electronic Trade Portal

Energy transition and technology advances are transforming the energy market throughout Europe. Profitability is being affected by a trend towards shorter term, lower margin trading and increased competition and price transparency. Energy providers are incorporating electronic trading services into their client portals, changing the way customers interact with their suppliers. For sales and origination businesses to remain competitive companies are challenging themselves to address key questions:

-        How do we improve quality of service and drive customer loyalty?
-        How do we reduce cost to serve via automation?
-        How do we eliminate data errors to reduce cost to operate?

Equias offers a simple and affordable product, electronic Trade Portal (eTP) , which makes it possible for energy sales traders/suppliers to swiftly deploy an electronic trading platform and embrace the market transition, remain competitive and succeed in this challenging sector.

The Equias electronic Trade Portal (eTP) allows traders to:
-        Show bids and offers to their clients across multiple products and locations within Europe
-        Trade electronically with clients across the curve term structure
-        Have their clients show counter bids and offers and trade electronically

There is no upfront capital outlay or implementation fees for going live with eTP, providing organisations with equal access to the electronic trading tools that larger suppliers use, to offer customer choice and automate the sales trading process with their clients. On-going usage is a hosted subscription based service with a fixed fee of € 2,000 per month up to 1000 trades per month and an additional  € 0,50 per trade over 1000 trades per month.

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