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electronic Sales Channel

The Equias electronic Sales Channel (eSC) facilitates the transformation of your sales business, enabling it to compete and succeed in a digital sales environment.

Equias eSC makes it possible for energy suppliers to swiftly embrace digitalisation of energy sales through the deployment of a hosted electronic sales channel, which improves service quality and helps to both retain loyal clients and win new customers.

Who is it for?

  • Energy Supply Companies – Sales Desk
  • Energy Supply Companies – Energy Clients 

Functionalities include on-screen trading of standard and custom products, price management and distribution (including spread management and tiered pricing), commingled order management across wholesale and energy sales market segments, and credit limit management with real-time alerting.


For Energy Supply Companies – Sales Desk, you can:

  • Retain loyal customers.
  • Win new clients.
  • Manage growing trade volumes & churn.
  • Make customer-centric sales.
  • Manage and optimise credit.
  • Increase margin/grow market share.
  • Free up sales time to concentrate on high-margin business in the relationship (bespoke contracts).

For Energy Supply Companies – Energy Clients:

  • Greater visibility of supplier offers across a hedging horizon 
  • An ability to sell back flexibility 
  • Opportunities for self-service procurement and optimisation 
  • Improved credit and pricing 
  • An increased hedge efficiency ratio. 

Product description:
The way in which energy is supplied in European energy markets is changing. Sales channels are becoming digital and thus transforming the way energy businesses and their end-customers interact. Increasing volumes of energy are being transacted through electronic sales portals and third-party electronic sales platforms. Digitalisation is making it possible for energy to be bought and sold in smaller volumes, at shorter tenors and with greater frequency, signalling a move away from longer-term procurement towards active shorter-term hedging and optimisation that is more characteristic of wholesale trading. Energy businesses must adapt to these changes or risk losing out to the competition.