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electronic Regulatory Reporting

Connecting to Equias’ eRR service is typically a top priority for any trading company or trading venue wishing to enter the European energy market. 

Equias’ electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) connects to over 1,500 trading companies and venues across the European energy market.

Who is it for?

  • Wholesale Trading Back Office & Compliance Officers.
  • Organised Market Places (OMPs), both OTC Venues (OTFs e.g. Brokers) and Cleared Venues (RRMs e.g. Exchanges).
  • Companies reporting on behalf of third parties, including counterparties, clients and energy customers.

Joining eRR immediately establishes access to the industry’s main regulatory reporting channel for REMIT, ElCom and EMIR. 


For Wholesale Trading Back Office & Compliance Officers:

  • Centralised real-time monitoring and control of your reported data for European regimes REMIT, ElCom, MiFID II and EMIR.
  • Access to and control of reporting made on your behalf by venues and counterparties.
  • Full support for delegated reporting for third parties, including on-line access for counterparties, clients and energy customers to dashboards, enabling easy fulfilment of third-party reporting disclosure requirements. 

For Organised Market Places:

  • ‘Plug and play’ access to the industry’s standard reporting infrastructure – ensuring that clients’ reporting obligations can be met.
  • You can connect to your clients’ preferred reporting service.
  • Free of charge for use by OMPs.

Product description:
Regulatory oversight is key to the integrity of traded markets. The decentralised, over-the-counter (OTC) nature of the European energy market means that regulatory transparency is achieved through mandatory reporting obligations placed on both venues and traders who are active in the market. Collecting and reporting every order, trade and lifecycle event in a market the size of the European energy market is a significant challenge – Equias’ eRR service is how the industry has met that challenge.