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EFETnet changes its name to Equias

During the 15th edition of the EFETnet User Meeting taking place on 6 June in Madrid, the company announced its new name 'Equias B.V.' At the end of an interesting conference day the new name was revealed by Managing Director Hugh Brunswick. He announced 'we have a vision for EFETnet. For a start, it’s going to have a new name – Equias'. 

Equias reflects the key brand characteristics and attributes of the company 'Equality, community, trust and innovation'. The name Equias is rooted in the concept of equality. It speaks to trustworthiness in serving the community and to reliability and innovation in service delivery. 
Hugh Brunswick emphasized that although the name has changed, the company’s services continue as usual. 'Our clients can still rely on our products and services under the same conditions. We will continue to operate, maintain and implement industry standards, while supplementing those core services with additional innovative offerings that meet the needs of the industry'. 

'The changing market does offer Equias the opportunity to serve the community in new ways', Brunswick adds. The company has matured and with our experience and with the continued support of the user community we have potential to develop innovative solutions that will benefit our community and the broader industy. 

As Equias we have the same ambition 'to meet the challenges in the energy trading market and deliver innovative solutions that serve the needs of our growing community', Brunswick concludes.

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