eCM lite - electronic Confirmation Matching lite

eCM lite provides easy access to the whole eCM community for companies that transact fewer than 250 trades a month.

Who is it for?

  • Back offices.
  • New entrants in the energy-trading market.
  • Energy-trading companies transacting fewer than 250 trades a month.


  • This is a manual, on-line tool for trading companies with lower transaction volumes (<250 matches per month).
  • eCM lite is free of charge for up to 250 matches per calendar month.
  • No IT integration is required (this is required for the fully automated eCM service); you can just sign up and get started.
  • Immediately confirm with all other users of both eCM lite and the fully automated eCM service.
  • Easily upgrade to full eCM as your transaction volumes grow.

The context:

Companies entering – or simply increasing their trading activity in – European energy markets are faced with a range of challenges, not least gaining access to standardised industry processes such as electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM). eCM lite was designed for trading companies with lower transaction volumes.

Frequently asked questions:

For more information on pricing and the fee schedule, please contact Equias at, or call us on +44(0)1372365760. 

Equias offers eCM lite –an on-line tool aimed at small trading companies without the time or resources to implement full end to end electronic confirmation matching. eCM lite gives your company access to the complete European electronic confirmation community. With eCM lite your company will comply with regulatory rules for timely confirmation.

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