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Please review the Equias contracts here:

Equias Accession Agreement June 2018
Equias Abridged Addendum June 2018 
Annex 1 to Accession Agreement June 2018
Equias Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Amendment Agreement External Agent Report Company June 2018 (Word document download)
Amendment Agreement Update Affiliates June 2018 (Word document download)
Amendment Agreement External Agent June 2018 (Word document download)
General Terms and Conditions


Schedule 1: Fee Schedule 2019
Schedule 2: Maintenance Services
Schedule 3: Not used
Schedule 4: Testing Requirements
Schedule 5: Equias Software System Requirements
Schedule 6: Equias Software
Schedule 7: Not used
Schedule 8: Central Matching Service

Change Notices
Change Notice 32: Fee Schedule 2019 – Improved electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) Price Tiers 

For previous change notices, please check the archive.

Central Matching Service Schedule Appendix 1
eXRP (Electronic eXchange Related Processes) - Appendix 2 Appendix 2
eRR (Electronic Regulatory Reporting) - Appendix 3 Appendix 3 
eRR REMIT (Electronic Regulatory Reporting - REMIT) Sub Appendix 3 Sub Appendix 3
eTM Service description Appendix 4
SMT Services Phase 1 - Full service SMT 1 - SMT Appendix 1