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Avoid penalties, monitor corporate trading activity with eTM

European energy transactions are closely watched both by the national regulator and ACER in order to ensure a consistent application of REMIT rules across the European energy market. Recently energy companies in two European states were penalised for illegal trading activity. It is important for companies to avoid abusive trading behaviour and to have systems in place that can monitor and identify suspicious trading behaviour by their organisation.

We offer such a system. electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM) is the market leading, data-ready, trade monitoring service which helps trading companies to confidently comply with their trade monitoring obligations and to mitigate the risks of penalities. With more than 25 organisations using this service, we are the market leader in this field. We have data in 40 markets covering European electricity, natural gas and emissions, as well as global oil and coal markets. 

eTM specifically addresses the needs of the European energy traders and is fuelled by European energy data. eTM includes spot market activity, which differs from future/forward market behaviour. Spoofing and Off Market Pricing abuse patterns have already been extended for spot data and further analysis of how best to model energy spot markets is a focus area for the eTM User Group. So if spot data analysis is of interest to you, now is the time to become involved. 

eTM includes the following Abuse Patterns with Cornering the Market as the latest addition. 
1)    Cornering the Market 
2)    Slamming the Close
3)    Insider Trading (prototype)
4)    Wash Trades A2A
5)    Off Market Pricing (spot and forward/future products)
6)    Marking the Close
7)    Spoofing (spot and forward/future products)
8)    Wash Trades A2B

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