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Annual User Meeting 21 & 22 May, 2019 Vienna, Austria

On 21 & 22 May the 16th Annual User Meeting took place in Vienna, Austria. This years' theme was Digitalisation. Please find below an outline of the programme.

Tuesday 21 May 2019
10.00 hrs     Opening address
                    Introduction, challenges, changes
                    Hugh Brunswick, CEO, Equias

10.15 hrs     Keynote: Trends in energy trading

10.45 hrs     Digitalisation of Energy Sales
                    What is changing?
                    - Business impact
                    - Strategy & solutions
                    Dale Emmerson, Equias

11.30 hrs     Coffee Break

12.00 hrs     Trade Surveillance 
- What is a good MAR setup (a market party's perspective)
                       - MAR brief overview
                       - Obligation on market participants
                       - Regulator view
                    - How to use eTM today?
                       - Assesment of tresholds
                       - Timely handling of flagged trades
                       - Investigation Process
                    David Trevallion, Regulation Assurance Manager, SSE

12.45 hrs     Lunch Break 

14.15 hrs     How data insights can help your business 
                    - Example insights
                    - EMI dashboards
                    Rob Palmer, Equias

14.45 hrs     Settlement matching
                    - Update on EFET work and eSM early user group
                    - Work on implementation towards functioning
                    Joerg Reichelt, Head Settlement Trading, EnBW

15.15 hrs     Coffee Break

15.45 hrs     Interactive feedback session
                    Hugh Brunswick and Tilo Zimmerman, Managing Director Ponton

16.15 hrs     Roadmap
                     - What are we doing, what are the dates?
                     - How do you get involved?
                     Liam Dunne, COO, Equias

16.45 hrs     Closing speech

Wednesday 22 May 2019
On Wednesday 22 May 2019, from 09:00 – 15:00, there were 2 workshops to choose from and a training session. 

Workshop: Market change and new developments in the energy market

09.00 hrs    Opening address 
                   Hugh Brunswick, CEO Equias
09.05 hrs    Energy markets upside-down in the global energy transition!
                   Paul van Son, Executive, innogy
09.30 hrs    Business compliance changes and regulation
                   Aygul Avtakhova, Manager Legal Committee, EFET
10.00 hrs    How data will drive trading decision making of the future
                   Robert Minsaas, CEO Vega Insight
10:30 hrs    Coffee Break 
11:00 hrs    Backoffice – key drivers
                   Hugh Brunswick, Equias
11:30 hrs    The future of energy broking 
                   Simon Davidson, CEO, Griffin Markets
12:30 hrs    Lunch Break 
13:30 hrs    Blockchain implementation case study: trading wholesale products, flexibility and local energy
                   Michael Merz, Managing Director, Ponton
14:00 hrs    Market developments in energy sales
                   Jens Hartmann, CEO, Enmacc
14:30 hrs    Single energy marekt and regulatory fragmentation
                    - Learning lessons from Brexit
                    - REMIT reform issues
                    - Other regulation affecting physical energy traders in their diversity
                   Jan Haizmann, Managing Director CorreggioNET
14:55 hrs    Closing
15:00 hrs    End of session

Workshop: Trade Surveillance and Trade Monitoring - eTM
09.00 hrs    Regulation
                     - Evolution for MAD to MAR                   
                     - Framework and scope
                     - Obligations on maket participants
                     - Control framework
                     - Regulator view
                     - Penalties imposed
10.30 hrs   Coffee Break
11.00 hrs   Overview of market abuse
                    - Forms of market abuse
                       - spoofing/layering                       
                       - wash trades
                       - marking the close 
                       - off-market pricing                        
                       - insider trading (UMM's)
12.30 hrs  Lunch break
                  Practical training 
                  - Using the eTM tool to look for prohibited activity
                  - Integrating the eTM tool into a daily anti abuse routine
15.00 hrs End of session
David Trevallion, SSE and Juliane Bednarz, Ponton

User Training on Equias services; eCM, eRR for REMIT/EMIR 
09.00 hrs    Introduction
09.30 hrs    Joint selection of ca. 4 modules (e.g. basic eCM, advanced eCM, EMIR, REMIT, eTM, CMS demo, X/P Messenger and Listener, Backend integration, Latest Changes.  
10.00 hrs    Module 1
11.00 hrs    Coffee break
11.30 hrs    Module 2
12.30 hrs    Lunch 
13.30 hrs    Module 3
14.15 hrs    Module 4

If you are interested in attending next years' event, please send an email to