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ACER consultation on REMIT fees

In January 2021, REMIT fees will be introduced as funding to cover the cost of ACER’s REMIT-related activities. The REMIT fee mechanism will be determined by the Commission after finalising the public consultation that was launched on 8 June 2020 and which remains open until 31 August 2020
This consultation is relevant especially for:  

- Reporting Parties (also called Registered Reporting Mechanisms)  
- Market Participants  
- Regulatory Authorities of Member States  
- Organisations representing above listed entities 

For Market Participants the response to the consultation is important, since this public consultation is part of the preparations for the Commission Decision that will set the new REMIT fees which are planned to be charged to Market Participants from January 2021, and whcih cover ACER’s costs for collecting, handling, processing and analysing of information reported under Article 8 of REMIT. You can contribute to this consultation by filling out the online questionnaire before 31 August 2020. 

Equias will be conducting webinars concerning the impact of the new REMIT fees on the Equias eRR user community during Q4/20 once the final decision has been announced by DG Energy regarding the imposition of REMIT fees. We encourage all Equias eRR users to participate in the public consultation which closes on 31st August 2020, if you have further queries, please contact